Songs of the Universe - 2019


Songs of the Universe is an ode to the essence of life and the universe. The music and dance take us through space and mankind’s evolution from millions of years ago to the present. We are all part of the same universe, but it is up to us to decide to connect to each other or not. Maarten van Veen expresses the universal sound through his new composition inspired by the composers Matthew Whittall, memories of Bach, and using real sounds of outer space recorded by NASA. Marta Reig Torres responds to Maarten van Veen’s music, creating a surrealistic choreography full of power, subtleness, and precision, where the imaginary world created by the dancers becomes a new reality. 





Choreography: Marta Reig Torres


Composition: Maarten van Veen ( from Preludes leaves of grass from Matthew Whittall and Bach reworks, from Vinkigus Olafsson)


Dancers from Codarts: Marija Burceva, Maaike van Wonderen, Jonatan  Myhre Jørgensen and Wilchaan Roy Cantu


Light designer: Ellen Knops


Costume designer: Asalia Khadjé


Production by Codarts and De Doelen Ensemble