One - 2014

One is a state of consciousness where the body knows everything at one. All that we know and are conscious how little we do know, the many contradictions there are in what we know. It is a state in which you feel all at one.

Choreographer Marta Reig Torres keeps working with the theme " Invisible power". In this short solo she wants to experience the theme through her own body.
Full of poetical power she makes visible that what does not want to be seen and tangible what seems to be unfathomable.

One is the second part of a trilogy following The Body Minds that premiered in the festival Cadance 2013. One is being made in Cloud at Danslab and in Korzo theatre in The Hague.


Choreography and dance: Marta Reig Torres
Artistic advisers: Angelina Deck & Johnny Schoofs
Composer: Ivo Bol
Light designer: Ellen Knops

Thanks to: Conny Janssen, Maria Elshout, Judith van der Made, Yanaika Holle and Robert Benschop