The Body Minds - 2013

Every day our lives are influenced by deep routed forces that appear unchallengeable. 
In The Body Minds, Marta makes a performance about the power that as human beings, we feel but do not see.
Two dancers fight with and within their bodies and accept the confrontation with that invisible power.

Full of poetical power they make visible what does not want to be seen and tangible what seems to be unfathomable.

Choreography and concept: Marta Reig Torres
In collaboration with:
Dancers: Angelina Deck & Manel Salas
Composer: Ivo Bol
Light designer: Ellen Knops
Costume designer: Yanaika Holle
Production: Johanna Korgel

The Body Minds was commisioned by Cadance Festival 2013 and has been produced by Korzo productions in collaboration with Cloud/Danslab. It has been financially supported by The City Council of The Hague and The Ministery of Science, education and Culture.