Harawi, chant d' amour et de mort - 2012

Like Messiaen, who said that the painting Seeing is believing by Roland Penrose shows everything he wanted to express with Harawi, chant d’amour et de mort for soprano and piano, Reig Torres uses this painting as a source of inspiration for her choreography.

In Harawi the soprano, Charlotte Riedijk, sings to the stars, to the world, to life, to love and to death. The choreography embodies both her imaginary world and the painting coming to life.
The dance is inspired by the different polarities of the painting: heaven & earth, body & spirit, imagination & reality. In her very personal language Reig Torres develops these contrasting worlds. Initially all is still the singer’s imagination, but what happens when she enters her imaginary world and becomes part of it?

Harawi celebrates life itself - with its endless cycle of new birth and rebirth - in which death always is the beginning of something new.

Marta Reig Torres would like to dedicate this performance to Rudi van Dantzig (1933-2012), who has done so much for the dance of this country and has inspired her in so many ways for many years.

Olivier Messiaen- HARAWI
A song of love and death for voice and piano

Soprano: Charlotte Riedijk
Pianist: Ellen Corver
Choreography: Marta Reig Torres
Dancers: Alina Fejzo, Kayla Tuggle, Davey Bakker, Guido Badalamenti, Steven Pinheiro de Almeida. (Students from Codarts, Rotterdamse Dansacademie)
Light designer: Ellen Knops
Costumes: Ans Kooijman, Ayu Ariyari
Production: Ellen Dijkstra

Harawi has been produced by Codarts and De Doelen Theatre in Rotterdam