I feel good - 2011

“When I saw Ana Teixidó on stage, I immediately thought: “I would like one day to create something for her”. Her presence and maturity fascinated me; to see somebody who just by being there gave me the space to look through her body and movement, letting my imagination travel through many past stories. I feel good, it just started as a meeting of two people in the studio.  The flow and understanding was there from the outset; and very naturally the piece took its form.  I feel good is an ode to the pulse of life. Sometimes we feel out of it, we may feel bad or wrong, but we can always jump in the life’s pulse again, because it is never gone. Life goes on.



Choreography: Marta Reig Torres

Dancer: Ana Teixidó

Light desighner: Ellen Knops



"I feel good" was Premiered at Centre de development Choreographique Le Paciphique in Grenoble, France.