Urban Explorers - 2007

Street festival in Dordrecht, Dansateliers Rotterdam

Marta Reig Torres and Alfredo Fernández seize the opportunity to capture frames of the city and inhabit them as temporary stages. Creating a play of perception challenged by the distance and proximity of bodies, stories and history. Short statements bouncing through memory and imagination, just for fun and hopefully bring a bowl of grace to ‘urban’ schizophrenic madness and hysterical history.

Concept: Marta Reig Torres / Alfredo Fernández
Coreografy: Marta Reig Torres
Interpreter : Marta Reig Torres / Alfredo Fernádez / Miquel de Jong
Interpreter musician: Nicolas Ortiz

Urban explorers was produced by Dansateliers Rotterdam for the festival Urban Explores Festival of Dordrecht, Holland.