More Day More Night - 2004

 “ We all have our dreams,
none of them being alike.
Those of us who only dream
in the nocturnal, hidden corners
of our minds,
wake up to find them vanished
into nothingness.
Really dangerous are the ones
of our waking day,
Since they may, in the light of day,be turned into reality.”

Autor: T.E. Lawrence (AKA Lawrence of Arabia)

More Day More Night is an intimate and poetic dance work for three dancers. They find themselves at the frontier between dream and reality; between day and night. Reig Torres wants to commit, to abandon, to surrender, or perhaps to reject or fight against daydreams that take shape in the shadow dance of our mind.

Choreography and concept :Marta Reig Torres
In collaboration with
Dancers: Ana Ladas, Kim Raasveld, Roser Lopez Espinosa
Dramatist, scenography and video: Alfredo Fernández
Composer: Marek Jason Isleib
Costume Designer: Asalia Khadjé
Light Designer: Afro
Length: 25 minutes

More Day More Night was commissioned by Cadance 2004 and has been produced by Korzo productions and DWA danswerkplaats. It was supported financially by the van den Ende Foundation.