Press reviews summary
  • Marta Reig Torres is choreographic newcomer who surprised us with her Navegando, a choreography for, by and about a dancer. In her performance Reig Torres pays homage to the beauty of dance. The piece enables her to show the different sides of her dancing personality: powerful and vulnerable, technically skilful and aimed at detail. Jumps which seem directly taken from Eastern combat sports and the searching movements of an inward looking somnambulist express the inner feelings of the main character. In spite of the introvert basic mood, the dancer/choreographer knows how to keep the spectators full attention. Navegando justifies following her choreographic development with interest and curiosity. (Selection report Nederlandse Dansdagen 2002; annual festival to select the best choreographies of Dutch dance).

  • “Marta Reig Torres is a confident dancer, with an intimate lyricism and with a discourse which shows a certain virtuosity, inherited from her years with ballet companies. This night of solos and three brave women is one of the best performances we have seen in Madrid and Danza.” The Spanish newspaper El País, April 24 2003 Festival Madrid en Danza by Roger Salas.

  • “An honest piece of work”. (The Dutch newspaperTrouw).

  • “In an atmosphere of melancholy Torres expresses changing moods with stumbling steps or precision jumps”. The Dutch newspaper Haagse Courant May 24 2002 by Maja Landeweer.

  • “In Navegando surprises you from the beginning: quiet, the back, where all the muscles are talking and they are the only protagonists. El 9 nou, Cataluña, Spain.