Press reviews summary
  More Day More Night
  • “A performance like a beautiful miniature, seemingly achieved with the sharp eye of a surgeon, who delves even deeper into the muscles, sinews and psyche of men”. (Selection report Nederlandse Dansdagen 2005; annual festival to select the best choreographies of Dutch dance).

  • “A beautiful miniature strongly danced and composed”. The Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, November 2004 by Mirijam van der Linde. Cadance Festival.

  • “Visually highly attractive was Marta Reig Torres´s More day More Night”. The Dutch newspaper Fries Dagblad, March 2007 by S. Van Ek.DansClick.

  • Very likeable is Marta Reig Torres’s More Day More Night. This poetic piece by the Spanish choreographer, portrays the inner lives of three women: identically styled Audrey Hepburn-like in sixties’ dress and hair in a bun”. The Dutch newspaper Leeuwarder Courant, March 2007 by Jacob Haagsma, DansClick.

  • “Fantastic are the light effects in the white décor”. (The Dutch newspaper De NoordoostpolderEmmeloord, April 2007 by Ursi Frehner. DansClick).
  • "More Day More Night fascinates by the powerful estrangement, which stays with one for a long time”. ( Dansclick.

  • The way they look at the public, the panic scenes, the somewhat cocky glances, the humorous radiance, no one should be allowed to miss these. The Dutch newspaper ANP Leiden, April 2007 by Maarten Baanders,  Dansclick.

  • The three dancers are dancing dreams in a white space that transmits madness, The shadows - genial- also amaze. The newspaper El 9 nou, Cataluña, Spain.